Top 10 travel destinations in Germany even with Corona


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What more fun than roaming around uninhibited in a new place? The following 10 travel destinations in Germany offer genuine value and help you to discover more of the German culture.

Travel within Germany has continued to boom despite Corona. Germany has a lot to offer: sandy beaches in the reed grass, wonderful hiking routes, beautiful lakes, green pastures and mighty mountain ranges.

Below are 10 top travel destinations in Germany that you will enjoy, even with the Corona still around.


Even though a lot of peope have been vaccinated, you should still take the COVID restrictions seriously, unless told otherwise:

  • Plan your route, including any breaks, before setting out.
  • Check that your vehicle is safe and roadworthy if you haven’t used it for several weeks.
  • People from a household or support bubble can travel together in a vehicle.
  • You should wear a face covering in an enclosed space where social distancing isn’t possible and where you will come into contact with people outside your household or support bubble. Take care to use face coverings properly.

1. North Sea


Also on the North Sea  , we like to spend our holidays very German. Especially holidaymakers from North Rhine-Westphalia are often drawn to the nearby coast. In terms of natural beauty, it is in no way inferior to the Baltic Sea – you immediately think of white and blue striped beach chairs, white sandy beaches and seagulls circling above our heads. 

Are you looking for a relaxing holiday in one of the many spas and health resorts along the coast, such as the North Sea spa  St. Peter-Ording ? Or are you thinking about a guided mudflat hike to experience the unique nature with its diverse fauna and the tides up close? Sailing and fishing enthusiasts also get their money’s worth and can pursue their hobbies in peace and relaxation.

When it comes to the North Sea, many vacationers primarily think of the North  Frisian Islands like  Sylt  or the  East Frisian Islands  like  Norderney  or  Borkum to breathe fresh island air. But the mainland also has a lot to offer: Here you can get  a historical impression of the old heyday of the Hanseatic League in the medieval cities of  Bremerhaven  or  Cuxhaven , a unique era for German seafaring in the entire North Sea region. Where would you most like to spend your next North Sea vacation?

Highlights at the North Sea

  • Boat trip to the seal banks (from Cuxhaven)
  • Eating pancakes in Voigt’s old bakery (Sylt)
  • Dune thermal baths in St. Peter Ording
  • Fresh fish rolls at Gosch

2. Baltic Sea


The Baltic Sea is the undisputed top German holiday destination  . Almost all German federal states prefer to go here! And who does not immediately have a picture of long, idyllic sandy beaches and reeds in front of their eyes without immediately getting wanderlust? 

The pure sea air and many activities that you can undertake do the rest. Active vacationers can let off steam while kitesurfing or windsurfing, those looking for relaxation can find relaxation in one of the many Baltic Sea baths and wellness facilities. The right leisure program is offered for every guest.

The real difficulty when planning a holiday in the Baltic Sea is choosing the exact destination: should it go to the mainland or one of the many islands? Here, there are very diverse preferences among German holidaymakers.
Baltic islands such as Rügen , Usedom or Fehmarn are just as popular as the mainland destinations Kühlungsborn , Warnemünde or Timmendorfer Strand.

Highlights on the Baltic Sea

  • Diving gondola in Grömitz
  • Leisure park HANSA-PARK in Sierksdorf
  • Breakfast buffet with a view of the sea in Café Wolkenlos (Timmendorfer Strand)
  • Treetop path in the natural heritage center of Rügen

3. Harz


As exciting as a city trip may be, Germans are sometimes drawn to unspoiled nature. The Harz  with its endless forest and meadow landscapes is right in the heart of Germany, right on the border of the federal states of Lower Saxony, Saxony-Anhalt and Thuringia, where a holiday in the Harz is particularly far ahead. Nationwide, the highest low mountain range in northern Germany ranks # 6.

Vacationers who visit the Harz Mountains rave about the impressive panoramic landscapes in and around the numerous nature parks. Extensive forests as well as wild rivers and reservoirs as well as some waterfalls ensure an authentic experience of nature in the Harz Mountains. 

Above all, the tranquility and seclusion attract many holidaymakers year after year to the low mountain range in order to create a balance to everyday life and to enjoy the untouched nature on hiking trails and bike tours. In addition, the Harz shines with a unique fauna: animal species such as the Eurasian lynx are released into the wild with great effort. Bats, wild boars and red deer are also encouraged.

Highlights in the Harz

  • Walpurgis Night on April 30th
  • Hike to the Brocken (alternative Brocken Railway)
  • Fairy tale forest in Bad Harzburg
  • Treetop path in Bad Harzburg

4. Hainer See


Spending a long weekend at the lake is becoming increasingly popular when planning a short vacation. The Hainer See is the third largest body of water in the Leipziger Neuseenland and is located in the lowland bay south of Leipzig. The lake can be reached in just 20 minutes from the largest city in Saxony. 

It is one of the so-called residual loch lakes of the former Witznitz II opencast mine. The Kahnsdorf lagoon in the south, lined with colorful boat houses and holiday homes, is definitely worth a visit. You can stroll along the approximately two kilometer long promenade and enjoy the lake view with coffee and cake.

The Hainer See is a good contact point for hikers and cyclists as well as for families. There are well-developed hiking trails around the Hainer See, which invite you to take long walks. Water sports enthusiasts get their money’s worth here, because everything is offered from sailing to wakeboarding to windsurfing. Perfect for working out the whole family – to fall into bed happy and exhausted in the holiday apartment in the evenings.

Highlights at the Hainer See

  • Kahnsdorf lagoon
  • Lake sauna in Kahnsdorf
  • Walk to the beach at Haubitzer See

5. Brombachsee


The large reservoir is an ideal place to relax for young and old. The Brombachsee is located in the middle of the Franconian Lake District in Middle Franconia and is north of the Altmühltal Nature Park . For all Bavarians and Baden-Württemberg residents a perfect travel destination with a short journey to find adventure and relaxation in the midst of a unique natural landscape.

There is a lot to explore in the surrounding communities of Langlau, Absberg, Enderndorf, Allmannsdorf and Ramsberg. The best thing to do is get on your bike and explore the lake. Some holiday home rental companies also offer bike rental if you don’t want to take your own bike with you on holiday. 

The Franconian Lake District Trail is also ideal for cycling. For water sports enthusiasts there are various options such as wakeboarding or water skiing. If you don’t like jumping into the cold water, you can explore the lake from a pedal boat or a sailing boat. If you want the kitchen or the grill to stay cold, the beach house Sand & Sofa is worth a visit, where you can enjoy a delicious dinner with live music.

Highlights at the Brombachsee

  • Medieval birch mill in Absberg
  • Two-master sailing tour on the Brombachsee
  • Industrial history museum “Historischer Eisenhammer” in Roth
  • Pflugsmühle beer garden in Abenberg

6. Walchensee


A stay at Walchensee in the Bavarian Prealps is a dream both in winter and in summer. The lake with crystal clear water stretches around 60 kilometers south of Munich. The Walchensee is one of the deepest – the maximum depth is 190 meters – and at the same time one of the largest alpine lakes in Germany.

The region is suitable for both active days in nature and relaxing hours for relaxation. The Walchensee makes the hearts of water sports enthusiasts beat faster: swimming, surfing, sailing, diving, fishing and boat trips are all offered here. As a true cycling and hiking paradise, the area also has all kinds of varied excursion destinations with tours of many degrees of difficulty. 

Anyone who can walk well should definitely climb the Herzogstand at 1,731 meters and enjoy the breathtaking view. On warm days, the south and west banks with a beautiful pebble beach invite you to long bathing hours or a picnic with the family. Those who arrive in winter can enjoy tobogganing, ice skating and curling in the region. A popular travel destination for all Munich residents!

Highlights at the Walchensee

  • Hike to the Herzogstand with the summit cross
  • Eating cake in the Bucherer beach cafe
  • Stand up paddling on the lake
  • Film set (Viking village “FLAKE”) from Bulli Herbig’s film “Wickie”

7. Lüneburg Heath


A unique cultural landscape lies south of Hamburg: The Lüneburge Heide. With its many nature reserves, it is a true paradise for hikers and cyclists. A tour on the 220 km long Heidschnuckenweg leads through wild and romantic heathland, idyllic villages and the Wilseder Berg as the heart of the Lüneburg Heath. You can plan your hiking routes individually according to day or half-day stages so that the routes do not become too strenuous even for inexperienced hikers or children.

The nature in the Lüneburg Heath offers a special spectacle in every season. Great sunrises in spring, the heather bloom in summer, the fog over the moors in autumn and the dark green juniper in the snow heather in winter. In addition to the Lüneburg Heath Nature Park and the endless heather areas, there are still a few more excursion destinations to discover: The Heidepark Soltau offers fun for young and old, animal lovers get their money’s worth in the Walsrode bird park and in Lüneburg cafés and restaurants tempt with regional and international delicacies .

Highlights in the Lüneburg Heath

  • Heidepark Soltau
  • Wilseder Berg
  • Höhenwegarena climbing park
  • Serengeti Safari Park

8. Southern Wine Route


The district and the popular holiday destination is located in the Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. The southern wine route in Germany is characterized by gentle wine country, large orchards, the Palatinate Forest with quiet valleys and streams and a Mediterranean climate. As the name suggests, viticulture has an important meaning. The southern wine route is a true paradise for wine connoisseurs and connoisseurs. On your trip you should definitely try a Pinot Blanc or a Pinot Noir from the numerous winemakers.

But there is also a lot to discover for active people in the Palatinate. Numerous hiking trails and castles can be explored on day and half-day trips. There are also wonderful paths for long bike tours. One thing you should know: the people of the Palatinate love good food. So choose one of the many wine bars with a wonderful backyard and order Palatinate specialties with accompanying wines. Often the dishes consist of regional ingredients, because a few kilometers from the wine route is the “Vegetable Chamber of Germany”, the Vorderpfalz.

Highlights on the southern wine route

  • High medieval Trifels castle
  • Wildlife and hiking park Südliche-Weinstrasse in the Palatinate Forest
  • Royal Villa Ludwigshöhe near Edenkoben
  • German grape harvest festival in Neustadt an der Weinstrasse (October)

9. Berchtesgadener Land


Vacation in southeast Bavaria! The district of Rechtsesgadener Land consists of hilly pre-alpine landscapes in the north and increasingly prominent high alpine peaks and valleys in the south. With its numerous sights and the wonderful mountain landscape, the region promises an eventful vacation time full of relaxation and variety. Especially in the summer months it is wonderful to endure here, because for a wet cooling you can visit one of the countless clear lakes of the Berchtesgadener Land. 

The Königssee near St. Bartholomä, the Hintersee near Ramsau, the Höglwörther See with the romantic rococo church, the Absdorfer See or the Thumsee near Bad Reichenhall are great destinations on a hot summer’s day.

If you need a little more action, you should definitely try the summer toboggan run on Obersalzberg. Fun is guaranteed here! The breathtaking panorama of the Berchtesgadener Land can be experienced from various hiking trails. Alternatively, it is worth taking the Jennerbahn (the new mountain railway) to the summit to enjoy a cold beer in the “Jenneralm” mountain restaurant. Speaking of beer: Bavaria is known worldwide for its traditions and customs, which are still cultivated in the Berchtesgadener Land today. A white sausage breakfast with wheat beer should not be missing.

Highlights in the Berchtesgadener Land

  • House of the Mountains
  • Summer toboggan run (Obersalzberg)
  • Climbing on the Watzmann massif
  • Cottage gardens in the Rupertiwinkel

10. Allgäu


Above all, vacationers from Bavaria, Baden-Württermberg, Saarland and Hesse appreciate the region because of its proximity. Just like Lake Constance, the Allgäu has an impressive Alpine panorama to offer. In addition, the Allgäu Alps also have popular winter sports locations such as  Oberstdorf  or  Sonthofen .

But holidaymakers don’t just get their money’s worth here in winter. One of the most popular German sights is also located in the middle of the Allgäu and ensures constant mass tourism: Neuschwanstein Castle in the Schwangau region. 

If this major tourist attraction puts you off, there is much more to discover: contemplative cycling and hiking trails and traditional Bavarian cities such as Oberstdorf,  Kempten  or  Immenstadt . Here you can experience the southern German culture with traditional cuisine and medieval inner cities in a particularly authentic way. Discover the diversity of the Bavarian hinterland and you will quickly find that it has more to offer than grazing dairy cows and traditional costume fashion.

Highlights in the Allgäu

  • Neuschwanstein Castle
  • Skyline Park in Bad Wörishofen
  • Christmas market in Memmingen
  • Alpine game park in Obermaiselstein
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