How to travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket


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The holiday season has started and if you haven’t planned anything, you should travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket. Is it possible?

Travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket: Most people are excited about discovering Germany over the next 3 months. However, did you know that you can also travel to a few countries with the 9-euro ticket? Find out below where and with which train services.

YES, you can travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket!

Although the 9-euro ticket in Germany is technically only valid nationwide, some transport associations are allowing travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket on lines close to the border to the first station abroad. Find out which ones below.

Travel to Austria with the 9-euro ticket

CompanyRouteMean of transport
DB Regio AG• Pfronten – Steinach – Vils – Reutte (Austria – Tirol) – Ehrwald (Austria) – Griesen (Austria).

(“Except long-distance” – only in traffic to and from Germany, not in domestic traffic within Austria)
commuter trains
DB RegioNetz Verkehrs GmbH

SOB (Südostbayernbahn)
• Freilassing – Salzburg Hbf (Austria)commuter trains
Österreichische Bundesbahnen ÖBB• Freilassing – Salzburg Hbf (Austria)commuter trains
Bayerische Regiobahn GmbH BRB• Freilassing – Salzburg Hbf (Austria)

• Kiefersfelden – Kufstein (Austria)
commuter trains

Excursion destinations in Reutte – The gateway to Tyrol Austria

Reutte is located directly on the Bavarian border in the middle of the nature park region and is also known as the “gateway to Tyrol”

1. Reutte nature park region

travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket
Reutte nature park region, Austria

The Reutte nature park region impresses with its variety of cultural and sporting attractions right on the Bavarian-Tyrolian border.

Five crystal-clear mountain lakes, striking mountain peaks, an extensive network of hiking trails at all altitudes with countless alpine pastures and huts, numerous mountain bike routes, and the Lech cycle path are waiting to be discovered by visitors in summer.

In winter, active holidaymakers can choose from numerous winter hiking trails and cross-country ski runs. Enjoy culinary delicacies in one of the eight exquisite winter magic huts in the Reutte nature park region and relax away from the hustle and bustle of the slopes in untouched nature.

The castle world of Ehrenberg with its museum and nature exhibition is always worth a visit. In addition, the spectacular 406 m long pedestrian suspension bridge highline179 in the area of ​​Burgenwelt Ehrenberg invites numerous courageous visitors to prove their head for heights at dizzy heights.

Tourismusverband Reutte Nature Park Region
Untermarkt 34
A-6600 Reutte

Tel. +43 5672 62336
Fax +43 5672 62336-40

2. Lermoos-Biberwier mountain cable cars

travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket
Lermoos-Biberwier mountain cable cars, Austria

The Lermoos – Biberwier mountain railways are an insider tip and hot spot for outdoor freaks and offer a wide range of action and fun for young and old in a great setting

Action, fun & pure mountains

The leisure and outdoor paradise of the Lermoos-Biberwier mountain railways is located in the middle of the imposing mountain landscape of the Tiroler Zugspitz Arena. The main locations are the Grubigstein in Lermoos and the Marienberg in Biberwier. Whether hiking, climbing, summer tobogganing, mountain biking or rather paragliding or tandem flight down into the valley, the grandiose mountains of Lermoos and Biberwier provide the backdrop, and the Lermoos-Biberwier cable cars provide the right infrastructure.

Grubigstein – Lermoos: Is the playground for free riders and paragliders.

▶︎ Lermoos Grubigsteinbahn:
In service from May 10 – November 4

Marienberg – Biberwier: The Marienberg also offers ideal terrain for testing fun sports equipment. Monster scooters & Co. can be hired from the sports shop in the valley station. Cultivated gastronomy and typical Tyrolean huts also ensure cosiness and culinary delights on the Marienberg.

▶︎ Biberwier Marienbergbahnen:
Summer toboggan run May 10 – October 21
Evening tobogganing June 26 – August 28 until 10 p.m

Bergbahnen Lermoos-Biberwier
A-6631 Lermoos
Tel. +43 5673 2323

Travel to Switzerland with the 9-euro ticket

CompanyRouteMean of transport
SBB Deutschland GmbH• Zell im Wiesental – Lörrach – Basel Bad. Bf (Switzerland)

• Jestätten – Lottstetten – Schaffhausen (Switzerland)
commuter trains
DB Regio AG• Erzingen (Baden) – Trasadingen (Switzerland) – Schaffhausen (Switzerland) – Thayngen (Switzerland) – Bietingen (Switzerland)

• Weil am Rhein – Basel Bad. Bf (Switzerland)
commuter trains

Excursion destinations in Schaffhausen

travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket
Schaffhausen Switzerland

Because of the many oriels and the preciously painted house facades, Schaffhausen’s old town is traffic-free as one of the most picturesque in Switzerland. Many beautiful guild and town houses date from the Gothic or Baroque period.

The Rhine falls – Europe’s largest waterfall

travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket
The Rhine falls, Schaffhausen Switzerland

Almost 500 cubic meters of water fall 23 meters every second over a width of 150 meters. Only two lonely rocks in the middle have so far withstood the roaring water power. The Swiss flag proudly flutters on the larger of the two.

Experienced captains from the “Rhyfall-Mändli” maneuver small covered ferry boats there through the hissing and spraying cauldron, with courageous tourists on board. After a shaky boat exit, the passengers climb up ladders and steps on the rocks to the Swiss flag. The water is raging around them, and the spray draws wide plumes.

Travel to Poland with the 9-euro ticket

CompanyRouteMean of transport
DB Regio AG• Ahlbeck Grenze – Świnoujście Centrum (Poland)commuter trains

Excursion destinations in Świnoujście

Until the end of the Second World War, Świnoujście (German = Swinemünde) was the third largest German Baltic Sea resort and after the end of the war it was placed under the administration of the People’s Republic of Poland by the Soviet Union on October 6, 1945. Tourism and port management are the city’s main industries.

Enjoy the sun on the Świnoujście beach

travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket
Świnoujście beach (west of the Świna)

The Świnoujście beach (west of the Świna) has fine sand and is almost 3 km long. Świnoujście is on the spit part of the coast, which means that the sand that is carried away in other places on Usedom settles here and ensures that the coastline moves further and further north – that is why the beaches in Świnoujście are particularly wide.

Travel to the Netherlands with the 9-euro ticket

Company Route Mode of transport
MultiBus and ASEAG
• Waldfeucht, Markt – Echterbosch Prinsenbaan (NL)
• Selfkant, Wehr – Sittard, Lange Voer (NL)
• Selfkant, Tüddern Apotheke – Sittard, Sportcentrumlaan (NL)
• Mindergangelt, Am Wald –Schinveld, A Gen Bies (NL)
• Heinsberg, Karken Post – Posterholt, Vlodropperweg (NL)
• Aachen HBF – Vaals Bus station (NL)
• Aachen HBF – Vaals Bus station (NL)
• Aachen HBF – Vaals Bus station (NL)
• Aachen Bushof – Kerkrade Bus station (NL)
→ Bus Connection – Arriva line 792 to Maria Hoop or Echt
→ Bus Connection – Arriva lines 30 and 31 to Sittard
→ Bus Connection – Arriva line 31 to Sittard
→ Bus Connection – Arriva lines 20 to Brunssum, Heerlen and Kerkrade
→ Bus Connection – Arriva lines 62 and 63 to Roermond
→ Bus Connection – Arriva line 350 to Vaals
→ Bus Connection – ASEAG line 25 to Vaals
→ Bus Connection – ASEAG line 33 to Vaals
→ Bus Connection – ASEAG line 34 to Kerkrade

Visit Dreilanderpunkt

travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket

Drielandenpunt (The Three-Border Region) in Vaals is the place where Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands meet. At a height of 323 m, it is also the highest point of the Netherlands (except for the Caribbean states belonging to the Kingdom of the Netherlands).

The Three-Border Region is not just an important symbolic and geographical site; it also offers plenty of opportunities for fun and leisure.

Travel to Belgium with the 9-euro ticket

Company Route Mode of transport
• Aachen Bushof – Kelmis, Bruch (BE)

→ Bus Connection – ASEAG line 24 to Kelmis, Bruch

Visit Dreilanderpunkt

travel outside Germany with the 9-euro ticket
The Eyneburg in Hergenrath

The Eyneburg in Hergenrath is one of the most important historic buildings in East Belgium. The Vieille Montagne Museum , which opened in 2018 in the Vieille-Montagne administration building , shows exhibits on the development of the municipality of Kelmis, its calamine mining and the Vieille Montagne operating company.


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