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The 5 perfect types of beer for hot days

types of beer for hot days

Summer, sun, beer! They just belong together. At the grill, while relaxing in the garden or in the evening, beer rounds off everything. It refreshes, quenches thirst and tastes simply delicious. So what are the best types of beer for hot days?

If you pick the wrong type of beer for hot days, the enjoyment can quickly turn into a grumpy head or worse: The enjoyment does not materialize because the drink does not suit the season. Below is a look at the perfect types of beer for hot days.

The 5 perfect types of beer for hot days

A summer beer is characterized by one thing above all: little alcohol. The sun and heat can quickly make alcohol go to your head. Beer consumption would only be short-lived if the alcohol content was high. More alcohol is also usually associated with a heavy taste, which is rather unsuitable in summer. A light beer, which is digestible, can develop its isotonic effect and is drinkable, goes well with hot days. 

Here are our 5 examples of delicious summer beers:

1. The lager

You can’t go wrong with lager beer in summer. It’s usually the kind you get in pubs when you just ask for a light beer. Warehousing is commonplace, but that’s not a bad thing. On the contrary: it is very popular. With 3.5 to 4 percent alcohol, the lager is one of the less alcoholic beers, like most bottom-fermented beers. The taste of alcohol takes a back seat. 

Lager is full-bodied, soft and tastes malty. There is also something sweet. If you like it sweeter and malty, you can go for the dark lager .

2. The Pils

All bottom-fermented beers are suitable for consumption in summer because they are light, have a low alcohol content and have an intense aroma. So does the Pils. The light golden color of the Pils is especially beautiful in the light of the summer sun. It is a bitter beer that is pleasantly refreshing, especially in warm temperatures. Its light and hoppy style is popular everywhere and its taste is often refined. 

As a result, numerous styles of pilsner have developed. One summer is enough to try the buttery Bohemian Pilsner, the tart North German Pilsner, the hoppy Bavarian Pilsner and the heavily hopped Pilsner in American style. Which will be your summer beer?

3. The season beer

The originally French seasonal beer was brewed by field workers in winter to prepare for the summer: each field worker received at least five liters of beer a day. Water was seldom pure in summer and beer was used for risk-free hydration. 

Today, the season beer is a popular summer beer with a high carbonic acid content and a fruity taste. Seasonal beer is often refined with additional ingredients – with spices, fruit or honey it becomes a special taste experience.

4. The Sour IPA

The Sour IPA is fruity, refreshing and hoppy with a low alcohol content. It has everything a summer beer needs. It’s a mix of sour beer and IPA. For experimental master brewers, the Sour IPA offers a very good basis for creating new taste experiences. Brewed with flavors or fruits, it can round off breakfast; with spices it is a change in the evening. As a result, it can surprise again and again without losing the taste of a sour IPA.

5. The Altbier

Altbier is one of the typical summer beers because it is a top-fermented beer. It has its origins in Düsseldorf and is drunk there all year round. Bottom-fermented beer could only be brewed in the Rhineland with the invention of the refrigeration machine, as the temperatures in winter were too mild to be able to brew bottom-fermented beers. 

Up until the 19th century, top-fermented beer was also drunk in the Rhineland in summer. To this day, the people of the Rhineland are loyal to their beer all year round. There is a reason for this: The Altbier has a nutty malt taste that is opposed to tart hops. This mixture is very tasty and also a pleasure in summer.


The best “Summer Beer” that we found in 2021

For a beer to be considered a summer beer, it has to be

  • Light
  • and very drinkable

Summer beer from Brewery-Gasthof Knoblach in Schammelsdorf

What makes the summer beer from Brewery-Gasthof Knoblach perfect?

  • It is a tangy, light beer pleasure with a pleasant bitter note and fruity-fresh notes. 
  • The light summer beer pours into the glass in a clear, golden amber tone and forms a white, fine to medium-pored head. 
  • A grainy aroma rises from the foam, which combines in the nose with flowery hop notes and a fresh hint of citrus. 
  • The taste of the light summer beer delights with its clear hop notes, which taste like lemon and herbs. The hop festival is accompanied by a barely noticeable sweetness, while a pleasant bitterness balances the delicate malt sugar. The finish is dry.
ParticularsBrewery-Gasthof Knoblach summer beer
Content:0.50 liter bottle
Beer region:Germany
Beer style:Lager
Food recommendation:Appetizer: beef carpaccio
Main course: grilled poultry with vegetables
Dessert: heavy cakes
Glass recommendation:Tasting glass 0.33l
Alcohol content:4.9% vol
Brewery:Knoblach Brewery
Ingredients:Water, barley malt, hops, yeast
Food information regulation:Responsible food business operator (EU)
Responsible food business operator (EU):Knoblach Brewery, Kremmeldorfer Strasse 1, 96123 Knoblach, Germany (DE)



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