10 types of sex: What men prefer and and what’s behind it


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Types of sex: Wild, Loving, Loud, Super fast …

The tastes are different – not only when eating, but also in bed. Where one likes it tenderly for hours, the other takes courage and does not mess around for long. Some need a little alcohol to really let go, others a very special kick to get going. And then there are the dumb ones who don’t beep during sex. Here we reveal which types of sex men prefer and what’s behind it.

1. The loving one

A lot of stroking and whispering and caressing and cuddling: the affectionate person takes a lot of time and likes to spoil his sex partner. He himself always comes up short – as maybe in real life. Because: give more than take is his motto.

How do you get HIM to only receive something from time to time? He is “at the mercy” of light bondage games and can’t help but enjoy …

2. The direct one

Of course, there is also the opposite: go straight to the attack. A courageous grip on the chest or in the underpants – and off you go.

This is the “I take what I need and I know what I want” type. Very sexy at first, but if he constantly grabs as if you were a ripe plum and only there for his pleasure, resistance could arise in the partner …

3. The early worm catches the bird

Anyone who loves good morning sex likes to start the day relaxed. Because such an act before getting up recharges the batteries extra and is more for people who are not under pressure.

For career types whose heads are in the office before they’re even in the shower, the early start to sex is therefore rather unsuitable.

4. Now, hurry up!

If you like it quick, you usually have a lot more on the list. Sex is more about relieving pressure and less about sensual pleasure.

However, it could seem a bit selfish to the partner if SHE doesn’t get her money’s worth. In the long run a turn-off …

5. Easily sit down

Some can only really let go when they can easily sit down. Usually this is the case with people who are usually very controlled – and tend to be uptight.

There is generally nothing wrong with loosening up on dates or the first few nights with the loved one. But you should be careful that you don’t generally need alcohol to have fun with the other person.

6. Forbidden fruits

And then there are the guys who only get really aroused when they do something “forbidden”. Sex in the hallway, sex with the married neighbor, masturbation in the company under the desk.

Anyone who needs such strong stimuli to be aroused has to keep increasing because the effect gradually wears off. Could be strenuous in the long run (also for the sex partner) and at some point a case for the sex therapist …

7. Unpleasant

There are those too: men who have a low sex drive. They play or watch TV or prefer to exercise than think about sex. If it’s not exactly erectile dysfunction, it could be because you have a lot on your mind or watch too much porn.

Or no longer find their partner as attractive as they used to be. Sounds mean, but that’s how it is. Conversely, we women sometimes feel the same way.

8. Lights out!

If you can only do it in the dark and are not a woman (they always want to turn off the light so you can’t see their imaginary rolls of fat), you might be a little bitchy.

He doesn’t want YOU to see his excitement because he’s embarrassed. Or he is just very shy or doesn’t have that much experience or a little birdie. Men who prefer sex in the dark definitely have something to hide….

9. Light on!

Men who absolutely want to see everything are real connoisseurs. They want the whole package and love with all five senses.

These are often also those who are a little more willing to experiment than others and also like to change positions and are a bit dirty. Roooar!

10. Silent film

There are men who don’t say a peep during sex. Only minimal breathing can be heard. But no dirty talk, no moaning, no instructions. I always find that a bit strange because you get the feeling that he’s not having fun.

It could be that he is still subliminally “afraid” – like when he was a teenager – that his mother would suddenly come into the room and catch him having sex.

Note: Anyone who no longer lives at home can slowly relax and start a liberating wild scream.


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