German politicians want unvaccinated commuters to PROVE that they have been tested BEFORE they can use the public transport system (No test NO train)


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Starting on Monday the 15th of November, most companies will implement the 3G rule for their workers. That means the unvaccinated still have a chance to travel to work. But does that give them the right to commute on the same trains as the vaccinated or recovered? German politicians don’t think so!

Unvaccinated commuters: In all fairness, they should act in solidarity with the everyone else in order to prevent a lockdown before Christmas! Since the tests are now free again, the unvaccinated have to live with the inconvenience of providing a valid NEGATIVE corona test BEFORE they can sit next to vaccinated and recovered commuters!


Commuters have an obligation to provide proof

According to the picture, the planned 3G rule at the workplace – i.e. the obligation to present proof of vaccination, recovery or a negative test result – provides that the employer does not have to offer tests. Unvaccinated employees would therefore have to take care of a certified rapid test themselves on a daily basis.

Green Party line

“The application of the 3G rule is also needed in train traffic. Travelers would have to be vaccinated, recovered or tested. Yes, rail travel must also become safer. From my point of view, 3G should apply here, we will have to talk about it.”

Robert Habeck, Grüne Party

Habeck also considers restrictions on freedom for unvaccinated people to be possible. “Contact restrictions are painful cuts, we all know that too well. But in view of the dramatic situation, they can be necessary regionally for people who are unmiped. The corresponding should be included in the Infection Protection Act. ”He also considers compulsory vaccination for certain professional groups to be sensible.

Strict 2-G rules for those who have been vaccinated and recovered by the federal states are necessary, stressed Habeck. Compliance must also be consistently monitored. “Increasing security to 2G plus, i.e. testing vaccinated people, is the next logical step as soon as the test centers open again across the board,” added the Greens boss. 3G measures at the workplace and increased use of the home office are also urgently required.

“The situation in Germany is extremely dramatic,” said Habeck. “If the fourth wave is not broken quickly, the hospital system threatens to collapse in December,” he warned.


SPD Party line

“I am in favor of 3G on trains. 3G should also apply to trains. In this corona situation, it is irresponsible that unvaccinated and untested people sit close to other passengers for hours in long-distance traffic.”

Karl Lauterbach, SPD health expert

Without 3G, 50 percent of the places in ICEs and ICs would have to remain free, which would hardly be reasonable for vaccinated people during the Christmas season. So far, the only thing that applies to train traffic is that masks have to be worn. The distance requirement is only a non-binding recommendation and has often not been adhered to in the last few months.

The practicality of such measures

In the summer there are considerations to allow only vaccinated, convalescent and tested people in long-distance rail transport. The idea was found not to be practically feasible by the minsters and shelved. Unfortunately the 4th corona wave has now reignited the demands for safer train travel. That include implementing 3G for train travel.

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