It’s TRUE! Vaccinated people are more contagious! (Corona Study)


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The corona vaccination protects. Not only vaccinated people, also others – so the previous tenor. But a study now shows: Vaccinated people are just as infectious as unvaccinated people.

Vaccinated are more contagious? The debate is not quite as old as the coronavirus itself. But neither is it new. Most recently, it was revived by FC Bayern Munich footballer Joshua Kimmich, who does not want to be vaccinated against Corona and was criticized for this by Hamburg’s First Mayor Peter Tschentscher (SPD). The sound of the discussions is clear: Anyone who is vaccinated against Covid-19 is doing good (well they themselves are doing well). And to others too – after all, people who are vaccinated against corona are less likely to contract the corona virus.

But is that really the case? A British study takes a lot of wind out of the sails of this assumption: Vaccinated people are much more contagious than previously thought.


New corona study: British scientists prove that the vaccinated are more contagious

For the study in Great Britain, the results of which have been published in the journal “The Lancet Infectious Diseases “, 602 contact persons from 471 corona infected people were asked to take samples of the upper respiratory tract over a period of 20 days, reports the editorial network Germany (RND). These samples were examined by the scientists for the viral load of fully vaccinated people with delta infection and then compared with those of unvaccinated people with delta as well as alpha and pre-alpha infection.

The result is clear: even if they are fully vaccinated, people with breakthrough infections – this is what it is called when people become infected with the coronavirus despite being fully vaccinated and even fall ill – have a peak viral load similar to that of unvaccinated people. This means that you can also effectively transmit the virus to fully vaccinated contacts. Ergo, according to the British study, vaccinated people are just as infectious as unvaccinated people.


Despite corona study from Great Britain: German virologist sticks to vaccination recommendation

“You can’t give the advice on vaccination often enough,” meanwhile the Berlin virologist Hendrik Streeck just said and warns of a clinic collapse in Germany due to Corona.

New corona study from Great Britain: is the end of the epidemic situation still a long way off?

The British study on corona infections primarily assesses the secondary infection rate in household contacts – in other words: the probability of an infection occurring within specific groups of people. For fully vaccinated people it is 25 percent, for unvaccinated people it is 38 percent. After all: The study also shows that vaccination minimizes the risk of infection with the Delta variant and accelerates the breakdown of coronaviruses from the body.

As the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) has announced, breakthroughs in vaccination in Germany now make a significantly higher proportion of new infections with the coronavirus than a few months ago. Among those over 60, 58.9 percent of people who contracted Covid-19 between September 27 and October 24, 2021, were vaccinated. For 18 to 59 year olds 37.5 percent and for under 18 year olds 3.6 percent.


Is there an invinsible corona wave from vaccinated infected people?

These concerns are backed up by reports of breakthrough infections, i.e. infections that occur despite double vaccinations. These people can also pass the virus on, at least for the first few days after being infected. This is the result of current studies from England and Singapore.

In view of these facts, the Halle-based virologist and epidemiologist Alexander Kekulé warned that lifting all protective measures for vaccinated people could lead to more carelessness among them. Cold symptoms are often not taken seriously and those vaccinated could pass the infection on. “We not only have the famous wave of the unvaccinated, but also an unrecognized, invisible wave of the vaccinated,” said Kekulé.

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