More than 10,000 people vaccinated with saline?


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The vaccination scandal in Friesland Germany started in April, the nurse, employed by the DRK, was immediately dismissed. An estimated 10,000 people might have been vaccinated with saline.

Germany’s biggest vaccination scandal is spreading more and more. Now more than 10,000 people who might have been vaccinated with saline will need to be re-vaccinated. Some of them even twice, because they probably no longer have any vaccination protection.

vaccinated with saline

What’s going on in Friesland Germany?

Instead of worrying about the Delta variant, people in Friesland have to worry about being vaccinated with saline. A registered nurse (around 40) from Schortens in the district of Friesland is suspected of having exchanged the vaccine for a saline solution in six cases in the Roffhausen vaccination center in April.

She stated that she did it by mistake. District Administrator Sven Ambrosy (51, SPD) can only shake his head about this! He says: “I’ve been in office for 18 years, but what the woman has caused by her possible wrongdoing is nerve-wracking!”

“The nurse – I was told by the investigators only two days ago – had, contrary to previously assumed, tiny residues of used Biontech ampoules, which had already been vaccinated, mixed into her syringes with saline solution.”

That is an absolute no-go for a trained nurse! Monstrous! That could cause inflammation in vaccinated people.

His assumption: Such an approach could have a method. After all, even doctors who give injections would not notice that they were not giving a full vaccine.

Because: Pure saline solution is clear and transparent, but with a little added vaccine it is again milky-cloudy in appearance – like a real corona injection.

In addition, new witnesses alleged that the woman had forged her vaccination certificate. With a vaccination that she didn’t even get. The suspicion that she belongs to the camps of corona deniers and vaccination opponents remains.

Forged your vaccination certificate?

The authorities are now assuming a politically motivated act. According to information from NDR Lower Saxony, the nurse is said to have forged her vaccination certificate. Her lawyer denied the NDR the allegation that his client was an opponent of vaccinations. It is part of freedom of expression to share critical comments on corona measures on social media – as the woman has done.

vaccinated with saline

Attorney disagrees investigating

Following the incident, the authorities used antibody tests to check the vaccination protection of more than 100 people who were vaccinated that day. The people were also invited to a possible re-vaccination because it was no longer possible to determine to whom the six syringes had been administered in the company.

In the course of the police investigation, however, there were increasing indications that a much larger group of incorrectly vaccinated people could be affected. According to the authorities, it is about vaccinations between March 5th and April 20th, each at certain times. 

The lawyer also disagrees with regard to the assumed scope of the vaccination manipulation. The nurse by no means only administered saline solution to those willing to be vaccinated. They just tried to compensate for spilled vaccine with leftovers from other ampoules. The lawyer said that the six known incidents remained. 

However, this statement has never been mentioned by the authorities. A spokesman for the public prosecutor’s office in Oldenburg confirmed that “that was actually implied in the first interrogation”.

More than 5,000 people registered for re-vaccination

It mainly affects people over the age of 70 who visited the vaccination center in Schortens between March 5th and April 24th . In addition, employees of hospices and mobile care services, educators and doctors were vaccinated during this period. According to the district, more than 5,000 people have registered for a catch-up vaccination by Friday. Several thousand people would have called the information hotline (0800) 0 00 51 60.

vaccinated with saline

Possible Covid cases after vaccination appointments not known

It is unclear whether people who were supposedly vaccinated were infected with the coronavirus after an injection with saline solution . “These are reporting data that are not superimposed here – also for data protection reasons,” said a spokeswoman for the German Ministry of Health

The authorities strongly advise getting vaccinated. “A repeat vaccination is advisable and unproblematic even if the vaccination was successful,” said the deputy head of the Corona crisis team, Claudia Schröder. It is completely harmless. “And so this is now the method of choice.”


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