I lost my vaccination card in Germany. What should I do?


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The vaccination card is one of the most important documents that will accompany you throughout your life. But what exactly is the yellow booklet all about? Find out important information about the vaccination certificate in Germany here.

For many, the vaccination card only becomes important when a flu vaccination or travel vaccination is due. However, it can happen that it cannot be found or that it has been lost during a move, fire or mucking out. In this case you should speak to your doctor.

What is a vaccination card?

In a vaccination card or vaccination pass, as many like to call the document, every vaccination of a person is documented with the date. In this way, every doctor can understand what a patient was vaccinated against, when and how often. This is useful when it comes to possible booster vaccinations, for example. Patients should therefore always keep their vaccination card in a safe place and have their doctor regularly check them for possible booster vaccinations.

vaccination card

How can I apply for a vaccination certificate?

You do not have to apply for or order a vaccination card. As a rule, your GP will give you the document free of charge. Most newborns already receive the ID as part of the first preventive medical check-up at the pediatrician. The document is then valid for life.


Is vaccination possible without a vaccination certificate?

If you have forgotten your vaccination certificate when you visit a doctor and a vaccination has been carried out, the attending doctor can make this entry. You can also have a certificate, the so-called vaccination certificate, issued. With this, the vaccination can also be added by the responsible health department.

vaccination card

What should I do if I have lost my vaccination certificate?

If you have lost your vaccination certificate, your family doctor will give you a new ID. The loss of vaccination documentation is more serious here. However, since all vaccinations are documented by the doctor in the medical record for at least ten years, most vaccinations can be added later. In order to ensure the best possible protection, vaccinations can be repeated without any health risk.

If you have changed your doctor in the meantime, the doctor currently treating you can request your medical record with the vaccination documentation from his predecessor on your behalf. If you do not give him your consent, the doctor will not have access to this data.

What if I don’t have proof of my vaccinations?

If your medical record can no longer be found and there is no written evidence of your vaccinations, you will receive a new, empty vaccination card. You will then be classified as unvaccinated by your doctor. Any vaccinations that have already been received will not be added until it is really certain that you have received them.

The Standing Vaccination Commission of the Robert Koch Institute (STIKO) advises in this case to be treated as if you had not yet been vaccinated. The affected person should then have an immunization against the most important diseases (again) carried out. According to STIKO, health risks are not to be expected. Rather, an incomplete immunization could have serious consequences.

vaccination card

Is it critical if pregnant women lose their vaccination card?

Yes. In pregnancy in particular, pathogens causing diseases such as measles, rubella and chickenpox can easily be transmitted to the unborn child without vaccination . A vaccination is not possible for pregnant women, as this is a vaccination with live vaccines.

The situation is different with a vaccination against flu or hepatitis B. According to the Professional Association of Women’s Doctors (BVF), these can also be carried out during pregnancy.

What is an international vaccination card?

The yellow vaccination certificate is per se an international document that was created according to the guidelines of the World Health Organization (WHO). For this reason, all information is included in English and French, in addition to German. This is important, as a vaccination against certain diseases must be proven in order to enter some countries.

There is also an older copy in the form of a white leaflet in circulation in Germany – this can be exchanged at the doctor for a new vaccination card.

Is there a vaccination certificate for the dog?

Man’s best friend also has a vaccination certificate. Its structure is very similar to that of humans. There is also a so-called EU pet passport, which is also valid internationally. The document has been around since 2004 and should definitely be carried with you when traveling abroad.

Important note: The information is in no way a substitute for professional advice or treatment by trained and recognized doctors. The contents of t-online cannot and must not be used to independently make diagnoses or start treatments.

Does it hurt to have double vaccinations if I lost my vaccination card?

NO. You can repeat vaccinations almost as often as you like without posing any great risk. Vaccinations that require multiple injections should be completed. Otherwise the protection may not be completely built up or not last long enough. If you are not sure about the vaccination status, immunization is usually started from the beginning.

However: Ideally, vaccinations should of course be carried out as recommended – and documented in a way that is easy to find. Tip: Put the vaccination certificate with other important documents such as your birth certificate and tax number.

Who issues the vaccination certificate?

In the vast majority of cases, newborns already receive the document as part of their first preventive medical check-up at the pediatrician. Adults who no longer have an ID card or cannot find it will receive a new vaccination certificate from their doctor free of charge.

Does the digital vaccination certificate replace the yellow paper booklet?

No, the yellow paper vaccination certificate remains valid. There is currently no digital vaccination pass that documents all vaccinations and is internationally valid. The federal government is planning to introduce proof of vaccination valid throughout Europe. In a first step, she implemented a digital vaccination certificate for the COVID-19 vaccination.

A QR code serves here as digital proof of vaccination. Vaccinated people receive this in various ways. The Federal Government publishes all information on the vaccination certificate and the status of the digital vaccination pass on the website of the Federal Ministry of Health.

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