Unvaccinated in Germany are NOW spooked about getting locked out of social life: Vaccination center in Augsburg overrun on Saturday


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Like in most walk-in vaccination centers in Germany, people started queueing before 7am! There was a huge crowd on the long vaccination Saturday in front of the Augsburg vaccination center.

Those in charge of the city and the vaccination center did not expect such a rush. When the doors in the vaccination center open for the long Corona vaccination Saturday at 8 a.m. on Saturday, the queue of those waiting already extends far across the square.

vaccination center

All it took was a 2G mandate to break opposition to vaccination

▶ Around 8:30 a.m., well over 1000 people are already waiting to be given a first, second or booster vaccination. Those in charge of the vaccination center react to the situation, close the parking lot and inform the public via the media that the vaccination capacities for this day have already been exhausted.

▶ In buses and trams, people are asked not to drive to the vaccination center, and taxi drivers no longer go to the vaccination center either.

Are the walk-in vaccination centers in Germany prepared?

The fact that this vaccination day is even possible in this form is due to the storage and procurement policy of the vaccination center. The vaccination center in Augsburg had made provisions in good time and got vaccination doses so that they were now well equipped. 1100 doses are available that day – more than twice as many as was last vaccinated.

“Of course, we assumed that there was great interest in the vaccination campaign – but that has now overrun us. We have people here today who had their vaccinations at the very beginning and now want their booster, we have second vaccinations and we also have many people who have now decided to have the first vaccination”

vaccination center
Stephan Hampel, Bäuerle Ambulanz

Vaccination center constantly has to balance policy decisions

Vaccination centers are having to balance the political decisions and adapt themselves in order to provide the population with the best possible vaccination prepareness

▶ The decision of the politicians to increase the capacities of the vaccination centers again, is connected with some logistical effort. From the last 500 vaccinations a day, the vaccination center is now to increase to 1500 vaccinations; at a maximum of 3000 doses a day were given in the vaccination center.

▶ Since the city’s decision on Monday to increase capacity, the company is in the process of reinstalling the staff that has just been reduced and adjusting the infrastructure again.

vaccination center
Copyright: Peter Fastl

Family doctors are also having to cope with the increased demand for vaccination

On the one hand, the demand for first vaccinations is increasing, second vaccinations are still pending and now there are more requests for booster vaccinations – plus normal everyday practice. All of this has to be put into a meaningful process, says Mariana Malmer. Dr. Markus Beck, Chairman of the Medical District Association, described. 

The process is a “carefully phrased a challenge”. In some cases, family doctors are having to refer patients to the offers in the Augsburg vaccination center and at the mobile stations in several parts of the city.

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