The EU expects corona to be a part of day to day life! It wants the vaccination certificates to be valid for ONLY nine months


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The vaccination certificate is currently valid for one year. The EU Commission is calling for the period to be shortened to 9 months. Does the EU expect corona to be apart of day to day life?

The EU Commission proposes to limit the validity of digital vaccination certificates to nine months. If you don’t get boosted again, you lose the certificate.

vaccination certificates

EU proposes limiting the validity of the vaccination certificates

The proposal is based on the recommendation to give a booster vaccination six months after the first complete vaccination protection. He would give the countries three months to adjust their vaccination campaigns, said EU Justice Commissioner Didier Reynders (63).

▶ ︎ However: The EU member states have to decide whether the Commission’s proposal will become a reality.

Because of the significantly increased corona infections in several EU countries, fear of new travel restrictions is growing. With the recommendation, the Commission wants to guarantee freedom of travel in the EU and promote a uniform approach by the Member States.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), Europe has once again become the epicenter of the corona pandemic. WHO chief Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus (56) pointed out that more than 60 percent of all new corona infections and deaths in Europe were reported in the past week.


Corona strategy of the EU – “Those who are vaccinated can come”

The pandemic is far from over. The coronavirus is mutating and spreading at breakneck speed. Although the vaccination rates rose across Europe over the summer, it has now become clear that the effect of the vaccines wears off after four to six months – and thus faster than hoped.

Many countries are now relying on booster vaccinations to refresh, which EU Commission chief Ursula von der Leyen expressly believes is right. “We have to make sure that those who are vaccinated stay immune,” she says. “Booster vaccinations are even more protective than the original vaccination. They will prevent many hospitalizations and deaths.”

vaccination certificates

51 countries on five continents are taking part

The Brussels authority considers the digital vaccination certificate to be a European success story. 51 countries on five continents are taking part, the most recent being Singapore and Togo. “The certificate is not only a great success in Europe, but worldwide,” says Justice Commissioner Reynders, pointing out that the digital vaccination certificate not only ensures freedom of travel within the EU, but has also become an integral part of the anti-corona strategies in many member states that enables people to go to restaurants or do sports. Each EU country decides for itself which doors open with the certificate. 

Entry for vaccinated and convalescent people

The regulation was actually only intended for one year, but in view of the continuing rampant pandemic, it will be extended until further notice. The Commission also wants to adjust the rules for non-essential travel from third countries to the EU. From March 1st, proof of vaccination should also be required, which is not older than nine months. “Who is vaccinated, must come” , says Commissioner for Home Ylva Johansson. 

▶ Those who have recovered must also show a negative PCR test. This also applies to travelers who have been vaccinated with a vaccine on the WHO emergency list that is not approved in the EU. Unvaccinated children are also allowed to enter the country with a PCR test.

If the Commission has its way, the new rules for the digital vaccination certificate will apply from January 10th. However, the Brussels authority can only make recommendations. The member states are responsible for travel rules and health policy.

vaccination certificates

Did this study from Sweden trigger the debate?

The medical background seems to be supported by the latest findings from researchers at the Swedish University of Umeå: They followed almost 1.7 million people in a nine – month long – term study.

▶ As many of them vaccinated as unvaccinated – more than 840,000 people each. With Astrazeneca, vaccination protection against infection with Covid-19 was no longer measurable after just four months.

▶ With Biontech / Pfizer, it was 23 percent after six months. Moderna does best with an effectiveness of almost 60 percent after six months.

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