The best vacuum cleaners in Germany


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What brooms and dustpans did in the past can now be done with the latest technology in vacuum cleaners. Find out the best hat you can find in Germany.

The first vacuum cleaner manufacturers on the market were Bosch, Siemens and Vorwerk. Nowadays the providers are overturning, so that the decision for the right vacuum cleaner is becoming more and more difficult.

When searching, various questions arise: is it more the battery vacuum cleaner or the comfortable vacuum robot? Do these vacuum cleaners remove pet hair on my carpet? And what if I am allergic?

Below you will find the best and most important tips for choosing a vacuum cleaner in Germany!

The 3 most important preliminary considerations for buying a vacuum cleaner

These questions can help you make a preselection:

★ How big is the area to be cleaned?

  • For a larger area, you should opt for a classic floor vacuum cleaner with a large operating radius.
  • Pay attention to a device with a sufficiently large vacuum cleaner bag : Many bag vacuum cleaners have more capacity than bagless competitor models
  • In large apartments, vacuum cleaner robots are a useful addition, but make sure that the battery life is as long as possible.
  • Beware of high curbs: Not every vacuum cleaner robot can negotiate high curbs between rooms and hallways.

★ Which floors should be cleaned?

The supplied accessories are particularly important here:

  • Since the dust only sits on the surface of hard floors , almost all vacuum cleaners are suitable here.
  • With carpets , on the other hand, things look different: In order to effortlessly remove dirt from carpet fibers, strong suction power is essential.
  • Vacuum cleaners with extra electric brushes in particular pay off here. The brushes not only clean the surface of the carpet, they actually comb it through.
  • Due to the relatively low suction power, a robot vacuum cleaner is not advisable for such a floor.

★ Are there allergy sufferers in the household?

  • The air in an indoor space is considerably more polluted with allergens.
  • An integrated exhaust air filter is particularly important here so that the blown air does not additionally pollute the room air .
  • But there are also serious differences with HEPA filters: They are divided into categories E10 to E14. For an allergy sufferer, a filter with category E14 is the best choice. Even the smallest dust particles can be captured inside the filter.

What can cordless vacuum cleaners do?

You want to vacuum comfortably in the whole apartment without struggling with tangled cables or changing the socket every two minutes? Then a cordless vacuum cleaner is the right choice for you.

► Advantage: This model is particularly useful when things need to be done quickly or when there is no power outlet nearby. The car, the cellar stairs or the floor under the breakfast table are quickly clean again.

► Disadvantage: A cordless vacuum cleaner is much more mobile than a corded device, but unfortunately not for a long time. Some models only last a quarter of an hour before needing to be recharged. Normally, that’s not enough to get an entire apartment clean.

► Conclusion: When choosing the right cordless vacuum cleaner, it is essential to pay attention to the battery performance.

► Our recommendation: If you have to choose a cordless vacuum cleaner, the “Dyson Cyclone V10 Absolute” is definitely worth considering. In contrast to many other cordless vacuum cleaners, the handy device scores with a battery life of sixty minutes.

The sucked up dirt can then be emptied very easily at the push of a button. The device is then easily attached to the wall bracket supplied and can be restarted after three and a half hours of charging. For smaller areas, this model can be converted into a handheld vacuum cleaner in no time at all.

What do vacuum robots offer?

► Advantage: The small household helpers are usually built round and flat. This allows you to easily clean under cupboards or the bed. They easily clean hard floors and carpets with a low pile. Best of all, you often don’t even have to be at home.

Vacuum robots even find their way back to their charging station on their own before the battery level reaches too low a level. It can be controlled either directly on the vacuum cleaner or via the associated app.

► Disadvantage: Robot vacuum cleaners often have a difficult time only on deep-pile carpets and when cleaning corners thoroughly.

► Conclusion: A vacuum cleaner robot should not be seen as the only solution, but rather as a useful addition to a cylinder vacuum cleaner.

► Our recommendation: The “iRobot Roomba 981” . By choosing a lithium-ion battery, iRobot has ensured a long run time with a short charging time with this device. The robot automatically detects obstacles and can easily avoid them.

Big advantage: The device is suitable for all floors, can be operated by voice control and has a memory function. This means that after charging, the robot vacuum continues to work exactly where it left off.

► Disadvantage: This device may not be the right choice for those who are sensitive to noise. At 70 db, the iRobot model is a little louder than other vacuum cleaners in this category.

Handheld vacuum cleaner

In contrast to cylinder vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners are smaller, lighter and much more compact.

They are available in two versions:

★ As small cordless vacuum cleaners , they are suitable for removing crumbs from the sofa or for quickly cleaning a drawer.

Hand vacuum cleaners can be found in every crevice in the sofa

Significant disadvantage: with an average battery life of only ten minutes, handheld vacuum cleaners are no substitute for a classic cylinder vacuum cleaner. It has also been shown that the suction power of cordless handheld vacuum cleaners decreases during cleaning.

★ As a hand-held vacuum cleaner with a long style , which are very similar to the cylinder vacuum cleaner , but can be operated upright and cannot be pulled behind. Available both with and without a pouch, this model can come in handy in small apartments.

☞ To recharge the battery, both versions of the Upright Vacuum Cleaner must be connected to the associated charging station on the floor or on the wall.

► Our recommendation: The “Dyson V6 Cord-Free Extra cordless vacuum cleaner”  impresses with its particularly strong suction power and can be switched on and off again in a flash.

► Big advantage: the built-in lithium-ion battery ensures a relatively short charging time of two to three hours after vacuuming. Thanks to its excellent suction power, the hand-held vacuum cleaner from Dyson is the perfect support for every household.

► Disadvantage: Compared to other devices in this category, the Dyson model is relatively heavy. With a volume of 86 dB, the handheld vacuum cleaner also generates a decent background noise.

Bag vacuum cleaner: a classic for good reason

► Advantage: The vacuum cleaner with bag also cleans large areas in a very short time and has proven itself on all surfaces. The bag vacuum cleaner scores particularly well with allergy sufferers, as there are special models with effective HEPA filters. With a built-in filter for suspended matter, the filter variant is intended to keep the exhaust air as free of dirt particles as possible.

► Disadvantage: The main disadvantage of this classic is its size. Bag vacuum cleaners are often relatively heavy and bulky. For small apartments that are equipped with a lot of furniture, this model is therefore only conditionally recommended.

► Our recommendation: The “AEG VX9-2-ÖKO” cleans your entire apartment with 850 watts of power in the shortest possible time.

► Advantage: Thanks to the comparatively large dust bag volume, even large areas are absolutely no problem. Attention allergy sufferers! – The “AEG VX9-2-ÖKO” has an “Allergy Plus filter” and thus blows out particularly clean air.

Bagless vacuum cleaner

► Advantage: Just like the bag vacuum cleaner, the vacuum cleaner without a bag scores with a particularly strong suction power. It does not decrease even if the collecting container is quite full.

► Disadvantage: Compared to the bag vacuum cleaner, this device needs a lot of maintenance. It is unsuitable for allergy sufferers because of the high amount of dust when emptying the container.

► Our recommendation: The “Philips PowerPro Ultimate Animal FC9745 / 09” is definitely the right variant for pet lovers.

► Advantage: The built-in HEPA filter makes the model ideal for allergy sufferers. The pre-filter can be washed out and the container is very easy to clean. With the accompanying extra turbo nozzle for animal hair, even coarse soiling can be removed quickly.

► Disadvantage: Allergy sufferers should still be careful when buying a bagless vacuum cleaner, as emptying the container can be associated with a lot of dust and dirt.

Regardless of whether it’s upholstery, carpet or hard floor – this vacuum cleaner effortlessly cleans any surface.


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