Fortifying foods with Vitamin D is banned in Germany. BUT retailers keep selling foods fortified with Vitamin D!


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Despite the ban, retailers sell foods that contain Vitamin D. A Germany-wide market check by Verbraucherzentrale (consumer advice) centers confirms this. What does this mean for consumers?

Vitamin D promotes the absorption of calcium, strengthens the muscles and is involved in numerous metabolic processes in the body. So it is important for health. No wonder that manufacturers some of their food with the substance accumulate – not least to appear to be healthier and to thus act more attractive for the customer. BUT it’s banned in Germany!

Vitamin D fortification is banned in Germany

For most of the food in Germany is a fortification with vitamin D forbidden.

▶Only with margarine and spreadable fats, the addition is allowed.

However, if manufacturers want to enrich their products with vitamin D, they need a special permit. However, a review shoes that retailers keep selling products that have no approval for vitamin D fortification! This is the conclusion reached by the consumer advocates after a nationwide analysis.

Foods that use a loophole in the Vitamin D ban in Germany

In certain products such as milk, bread or mushrooms, the vitamin D content is artificially increased through UV radiation. The manufacturers do not need a separate approval for the procedure, provided that they adhere to the “requirements of the regulation on novel foods”.

Despite the ban Vitamin D fortification found in numerous foods

For their market check, the experts examined around 112 retail products with added vitamin D. Almost two thirds (61 percent) of the foods examined – 68 products – were not permitted to add vitamin D. Furthermore, some manufacturers withheld whether they adhered to the general decrees. “Food companies have to adhere to the legal requirements,” says Jutta Saumweber, nutrition expert at the Bavarian Consumer Center.

Manufacturers are not allowed to fortify food with vitamin D without a corresponding authorization. “Products without the necessary permit must be taken off the market,” demands Saumweber.

That is why fortifying Vitamin D is dangerous

The addition of vitamin D can have negative health consequences. A regular and excessive intake of the vitamin – over 100 micrograms per day – can lead, for example, to vomiting, kidney damage or cardiac arrhythmias.

For this reason, the Federal Institute for Risk Assessment ( BfR ) has proposed a maximum amount up to which foods may be fortified with vitamin D. The value is for

  • Milk and dairy products at 1.5 micrograms per 100 grams
  • Bread and cereal products at 5 micrograms per 100 grams
  • Spreads and edible oils at 7.5 micrograms per 100 grams
  • other foods at 0.

According to the consumer advice center, 13 of the products fortified with vitamin D without authorization even exceed the maximum amount recommended by the BfR.

These products violate the Vitamin D fortification ban!

In the report on their market check, the Bavarian Consumer Center also publishes the products for which there was no approval for vitamin D fortification. These include:

Info: The list is only an extract. You can obtain the complete data from the Bavarian Consumer Center.


  • Amecke
    + Vitamin D for the immune system
    for him
    for you
  • high C 
    plus large & strong
    plus sun vitamin D
  • Innocent Ginger
    Turmeric Power
    Power hot
  • Rotbäckchen
    Good start
    Solar power

Dairy products

  • Actimel 
    Botanicals (Green Apple, Kiwi & Aloe Vera)
    Classic without added sugar
    yogurt for your immune system Blueberry
    Superfruits (Mango, Turmeric &
    Goji ) Superfruits (Pomegranate)

Milk substitutes

  • Alpro
    Barista oats
    Barista soy
    Oat drink
    Almond ring
    soy yoghurt alternative natural soy drink
  • Oatly
    oat barista
    oat calcium
    oat cocoa


  • Milupa
    Kindermüsli Fruits Muesli
    bars for pregnant women Berry mix

Opt for natural Vitamin D

If you want to increase your vitamin D levels, you can do so naturally and without any products with the nutrient added.

Consumer advocates recommend spending a lot of time outdoors and soaking up the sun, eating fatty fish such as mackerelsalmon or sardines, getting enough exercise and consuming foods that contain calcium.



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