SURPRISE! The Volkswagen VW boss does not like cars!


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“CYCLING IS FUN” Has the VW boss secretly hated cars?

He can be excused to calling for a currywurst ban or cozying up the the Greens – BUT getting rid of cars from the German cities? The statements by VW boss Herbert Diess (62) are puzzles.

Diess is now staging himself on Twitter as an ambitious leisure cyclist: In a suit, helmet and bike backpack, the VW boss sits casually on the bike or stands by laughing while he talks to his employees.

Message: Cycling is so cool!

Herbert Diess im Wolfsburger Hafenbecken / Elektro-Foil e-tron / Screenshot / Zitat

Diess wrote about the tweet: “Cycling is fun, healthy and good for the environment. In overcrowded urban centers, the car – including the emission-free e-car – will only be accepted in the future if the bike has enough space in the mobility mix.

VW boss Herbert Diess (62)

Does the board of directors of Germany’s largest automaker have anything against cars?

One thing is certain: Diess openly casts doubt on the acceptance of the car in cities. And that although the auto industry – due to the Corona crisis, among other things – is currently in a bad state anyway. Car sales in 2021 could drop to their lowest level since 1975.

Falling demand for cars brought about the sharpest drop in orders in almost a year and a half for German industry in August. The companies collected
7.7 percent fewer orders than in the previous month, as the Federal Statistical Office announced on Wednesday. That was the biggest decline since April 2020, when the Corona crisis caused a lull in new business.

VW boss Herbert Diess (62)

There is no rapid improvement in sight.

Nevertheless, the VW boss is fully on the sustainability trip. In August, the currywurst was banned from the menu in the VW company restaurant in the branded high-rise building in Wolfsburg – for environmental reasons!

And: Just recently, Diess caused astonishment with a tweet in which he was pleased that “climate policy reforms” were high on the agenda of the upcoming explorations for the next federal government. On a wish list that included ten items, Diess gave tips for the government negotiations.

The VW boss had also called for bicycles, e-bikes and electrified car sharing services to be promoted in order to make cities “viable”. This wish list was a little reminiscent of the Greens’ party program …

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