The 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Germany


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Germany has some amazing waterfalls. These gems are ideal to take in during your trip or a hike. There is no need to look anaywhere else! Below are the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Germany.

There are around 500 waterfalls throughout Germany. So the choice of your next distination is easy depending on where you live in Germany.

Perhaps the journey is already the destination: Charming hiking trails lead through beautiful natural areas. Below you will find the 10 most beautiful waterfalls in Germany and a map of where you can find the rest of the waterfalls.

Map of the waterfalls in Germany


1. The Röthbach waterfall – the highest in Germany


At the beautiful Königssee in the Bavarian district of Berchtesgadener Land in the middle of the national park, the Röthbachfall falls a full 470 meters deep – making this waterfall the highest in Germany . If you want to pay him a visit, you will find him on his way over the Fischunkelalm on the Obersee.

A small, rustic ship takes you across the Königssee to land at the Saletalm. From there a path leads around the Obersee along the shore, surrounded by steep rock faces, all the way to the Fischunkelalm. The approximately three-kilometer hike then passes a small piece of forest to the roaring Röthbach waterfall.

Information about the waterfall:

  • Start: Seestraße 3, 83471 Schönau am Königssee
  • Height: 470 meters
  • Hiking distance: about 3 kilometers

2. Todtnau waterfalls in Baden-Württemberg


In Baden-Württemberg between the towns of Todtnauberg and Aftersteg, day trippers will find the imposing Todtnau waterfalls. At 97 meters, they are among the highest natural waterfalls in Germany. They have been under monument protection since 1987, writes the Upper Black Forest Tourism .

The headwaters of the Stübenbach lies on the 1386 meter high Stübenwasen; it then meanders through the high valley, more and more mountain streams flowing into it.

To experience the natural spectacle in the Black Forest, you can hike through the impressive nature from the Aftersteg. You can also undertake a short day hike of about six kilometers here to get to know the area around the Todtnau waterfalls better.

Information about the waterfall:

  • Start: Kurhausstraße, 79674 Todtnau
  • Height: 97 meters
  • Hiking distance: about 6 kilometers, in winter it is expected that it is slippery

3. Dreimühlen waterfall, Rhineland-Palatinate


The Dreimühlen waterfall in beautiful Hillesheim in Rhineland-Palatinate is small but beautiful. He can only show a drop height of up to six meters, but: It is still growing, a whole eight to ten centimeters per year. Responsible for this are so-called lime sinters, which form in the deposits of the moss cushions of the waterfall.

The natural beauty was also designated as a natural monument in 1938. If you want to get an idea of ​​it yourself and explore the beautiful landscape, the best way to do this is by bike or on foot. The Eifelkrimiweg, the Kalkeifel cycle path or the mineral springs route are well suited. Incidentally, the Eifel Crime Trail connects eleven exciting crime thriller locations.

Information about the waterfall:

  • Start: 54576 Hillesheim
  • Height: 6 meters
  • Hiking distance: about 20 kilometers

4. Triberg Waterfalls, Baden-Wuerttemberg


In Baden-Württemberg, the Triberg waterfalls rush down an impressive 163 meters. This makes them the highest waterfall in Germany outside of the Alps. The water falls in seven steps into a wooded valley basin and passes mighty granite rocks.

If you want to admire this natural phenomenon up close, well-developed, paved paths lead you around the waterfalls. Two rustic wooden bridges offer a great view, and in the evening you can experience a special highlight: the waterfalls are bathed in an atmospheric light until 10 p.m. Lake Constance is also not far away.

Information about the waterfall:

  • Start: 78098 Triberg in the Black Forest
  • Height: 163 meters
  • Hiking distance: 9.8 kilometers

5. Blauenthaler waterfall in Saxony


In the Saxon Ore Mountains, this beauty falls 30 meters deep: the Blauenthaler waterfall was created after the First World War. At that time, a manufacturer had a new operating ditch for the turbines built above the steep rock face. Every Sunday, when the machines were at a standstill, the water was diverted over the rock face.

Since then, the Blauenthaler waterfall has been known as a tourist attraction. It is particularly impressive in winter when the water freezes – extreme sports enthusiasts use the natural spectacle for daring ice climbing.

Information about the waterfall:

  • Start: Zimmeracherstraße, 08309 Eibenstock
  • Height: 30 meters
  • Hiking distance: 9 kilometers

6. Kuhflucht waterfalls in Bavaria


Three impressive waterfalls have come together near Garmisch-Partenkirchen. The 270 meter high Kuhflucht waterfalls are also among the highest waterfalls in Germany. Rustic alpine pastures and colorful flower meadows as well as a well-signposted network of trails invite you to visit.

You can do that wonderfully on foot, for example – from Farchant you can get to the Kuhflucht waterfalls in about an hour. There are several theories about the unusual name: One is based on the origin “Kuhflack”. In summer the cows look for a cool place in the shade with enough water to lie down there, ie to “flicker”. In fact, some cows are still grazing in the lower area between the waterfalls and Loisach.

Information about the waterfall:

  • Start: Kuhfluchtweg, 82490 Farchant
  • Height: 270 meters
  • Hiking distance: around 45 minutes

7. Trusetal waterfall in Thuringia


This beauty helped a little: The Trusetal waterfall in the Thuringian Forest was artificially created by miners in 1865. Nevertheless, it is worth the trip: the water plunges an impressive 58 meters into the depth after it has flowed naturally and harmoniously through the forest landscape through a 3.5-kilometer-long water channel.

The Trusetal waterfall is very easy to reach, for example on a circular hike. The Hainich National Park is also very close by. Among other things, there is the treetop path of the same name.

Information about the waterfall:

  • Start: Brotteroder Straße 49, 98596 Trusetal
  • Height: 58 meters
  • Hiking distance: 13 kilometers

8. Urach waterfall in Baden-Wuerttemberg


The spectacular Urach waterfall flows in Bad Urach in Baden-Württemberg. Its water masses fall more than 37 meters into the depth before they hit a tuff limestone step and continue to flow steeply 50 meters further down. You can get a perfect overview of the spectacle, for example, via a staircase that you find at the edge of the waterfall.

A little further there is also a bridge, which also offers a gigantic view. Various hiking routes lead you through the beautiful landscape around the Urach waterfall.

Information about the waterfall:

  • Start: At Thermen 4, 72574 Bad Urach
  • Height: 87 meters
  • Hiking distance: around 30 minutes

9. Lechfall, Bavaria


The Bavarian city of Füssen is best known for Neuschwanstein Castle and Hohenschwangau Castle. However, there is another tourist attraction on the southern outskirts: the twelve-meter-high Lechfall. It was originally created naturally, but has been spruced up a little by construction work – today it is a weir on the Lech River overflowing across the full width.

You can marvel at the unique spectacle, for example, from a bridge that offers a good view of the waterfall. But a short hike through the beautiful area is also absolutely worthwhile. In about 30 minutes you can reach the Lechfall from Füssen.

Information about the waterfall:

  • Start: 87629 Füssen
  • Height: 12 meters
  • Hiking distance: 3.5 kilometers

10. Saarburg waterfall, Rhineland-Palatinate


In Saarburg in beautiful Rhineland-Palatinate there is a special feature among the waterfalls: the Saarburg waterfall does not flow through wild natural landscapes, but directly in the old town of the picturesque small town. Here you will find the river Leuk, which is responsible for the 17 meter high waterfall.

Many years ago, as early as the 13th century, the original course of the river was changed so that there was always enough water to extinguish in an emergency. The mills were also powered by its water. To this day, the small waterfall conjures up a very special atmosphere in the charming city. Various hiking routes lead along here.

Information about the waterfall:

  • Start: Buttermarkt, 54439 Saarburg
  • Height: 17 meters
  • Hiking distance: from 11 kilometers
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