This is what annoys men the most about women in Germany


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Ok, let’s be honest. If you ask your circle of friends you will eventually come to the conclusion that control-mad and hysterical women are not necessarily very popular with the men. So what annoys men about them? 

I thought I should dive into this topic head first! Women who chat a lot about their ex, meet him regularly or seek advice on relationship problems tend to win the annoying crown. No man likes that. Conversely, it would also be an absolute deal breaker for women … this is what annoys men.

Desire for clairvoyant skills

Women often want men to read minds and read their eyes every need, question, or louse that has run down their livers. But men can’t do that.

► You need clear announcements and don’t want to have to read between the lines. So don’t mess around, just tell what’s going on. Incidentally, this also applies in bed. The plan that HE guesses where and how SHE would like to be touched never works.

Control madness

Nobody likes it, but: women are clearly ahead here. According to a Parship survey, 35 percent of women, but only 28 percent of men, have peeked into their partner’s cell phone. Almost 12 percent of women and 6.5 percent of men even more often.

Violating the privacy of the partner is of course a clear no-go and rarely brings any good. Also annoying: “You read my WhatsApp at 8:13 am! It is now 5:12 p.m. Why don’t you answer me? ”The annoying blue ticks make you feel like you’re being followed by“ Big Brother ”, um,“ Big Sister ”.

► The only solution: change the settings. Then you suddenly have your peace.

Vanity in bed

“No, not like that, you can see my belly bacon! Watch out, my hair is messing up! Attention, my make-up! “

If SHE pays too much attention to her appearance during sex or even gives directions, HE thinks he’s in the wrong film …


Hysterical attacks

A spider is sitting in the farthest corner and IT is freaking out. Of course, that’s good too, because HE can now play the hero.

However, if the lady has a nervous breakdown at every little thing and turns a spider into a tarantula, it is quite annoying. No matter what happens – it’s a drama. Men just want some peace and quiet …

Chatterbox is really what annoys men

If SHE chatters without a period or comma, she doesn’t have to be surprised if HE turns on the air and simply doesn’t listen anymore. A man’s brain can only be filled with female information to a limited extent.

The W-question

“What about us?” A woman should never ask that question. Because if HE had known what “it really is with us”, he would have already told her or made sure that the two are a couple.

Constant accessibility

It’s basically a bad habit, but especially during a date: Sending messages on your mobile phone or answering when the doorbell rings.

Many (I am one of them) are even bothered when the smartphone is just on the table. My advice to all women (and men):

► Always keep your phone in your pocket on a date. What can be more important than the person sitting across from you? By the way, the same rule should also apply in bed! Cell phone off and out!


You have made an appointment for a rendezvous and SHE plays the unreachable ice queen during the date. Then why is she even seeing him? There is absolutely nothing wrong with being normal and friendly and not putting on a show. After all, that doesn’t mean jumping into bed with him straight away, but just being charming and open-minded.

► There is no second chance for a first impression. And if he’s bad, there won’t be another date …

But Paul said …

Basically, it’s a good thing to have a sensible break with your ex-partners and to be able to say hello on the street. What nobody likes, especially men: when the sweetheart is still in too close contact with the ex and who may even be called in as an advisor for relationship problems.

► Also enthusiasm about the ex-boyfriend and possibly about his bed quality is not an option. Please stop immediately!

Anyone who moves during sex loses

It is called “the starfish”: The sex partner just lies down and lets himself be done. No trace of passion.

Even worse: If SHE makes gagging noises during a blowjob. This can happen to inexperienced people, but it is a capital turn-off for HIM.

Best dating app in Germany?

Try Parship!

Tim Gumbert
Tim Gumbert
Tim is the go-to guy when it comes to finding all the gems regarding life as an Expat in Germany. His whole motto is discover Germany on your own and without a roadmap, explore new routes while climbing or mountain biking.


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