Go to Cannstatter Volksfest or Oktoberfest? Wasen or Wiesn? What’s the difference?


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Wasen and Wiesn – twins or siblings? A week before the Cannstatter Volksfest, the Oktoberfest in Munich opens. For many Stuttgarters, making a pilgrimage to Munich is not worth the effort because the Wasen is exactly the same. 

What’s the difference between Cannstatter Volksfest and Oktoberfest?

Both the Wasen and Wiesn 2021 have been cancelled!

Due to the COVID pandemic the largest and second largest Volksfests in Germany have been cancelled

Calling the 2 by their local names

Wasen – the Stuttgart Bad Cannstatter Volksfest

Wiesn – the Munich Oktoberfest


How long does the party go?

Wasen: The last Cannstatter Volksfest ran from Friday, September 27th to Sunday, October 13th. This means that you can celebrate on the Wasen for 17 days.

Wiesn: The last Oktoberfest started on Saturday, September 21st and continues until Sunday, October 6th. That makes a total of 16 days. The 187th Oktoberfest in 2022 will take place from September 17 until October 3.

What tents are there?

Wasen: Nine large festival tents invite you to celebrate on the Wasen: Sonja Merz tent, Klauss & Klauss, the Fürstenberg festival tent, the Göckelesmaier, the Grandls Hofbräu tent, the Schwabenwelt, the festival tent for the Wasenwirt, the Cannstatter Oberamt and the Almhüttendorf.

Wiesn: There are 17 large marquee tents: The Armbrustschützenzelt, the Augustiner Festhalle, the Festzelt Tradition, the Fischer Vroni, the Hacker Festzelt, the Herzkasperl Festzelt, the Hofbräu Festzelt, the Marstall Festzelt, the Ochsenbraterei, the Paulaner Festzelt, the Pschorr-Festzelt Bräurosl, the Schottenhamel, the Schützenfestzelt, the Käfer Wiesn-Schänke, Kufflers Weinzelt, the Löwenbräu festival tent and the festival tent Zur Schönheitskönigin There are also 21 smaller tents, for example the Café Kaiserschmarrn and the Münchner Knödelei.

How big is the volksfest area?

Wasen: The Cannstatter Volksfest takes place on the 25 hectare Cannstatter Wasen festival area, which is located near the Neckar in the Bad Cannstatt district .

Wiesn: Every year the Oktoberfest moves to the 42 hectare Theresienwiese, which is overlooked by the bronze statue of Bavaria.

Which is older: Wasen or Wiesn?

Wasen: The first Cannstatter Volksfest dates back to 1818. This year marks the 174th time. It was founded by King Wilhelm I of Württemberg and his wife Katharina as an agricultural festival.

Wiesn: This year the 186th Oktoberfest will be held. The first Oktoberfest took place in 1810, so the Munich Volksfest is older than the Wasen. It was celebrated on the occasion of the wedding of Crown Prince Ludwig and Princess Therese.

How full is it?

Wasen: Around four million visitors come to celebrate in Bad Cannstatt every year.

Wiesn: 6.3 million visitors flocked to the Oktoberfest in 2019. They drank around 7.9 million liters of beer.

Can you smoke in the tent?

Wasen: Whether you like it or not: When you are doing Wasen, you often stand in the cigarette smoke in the tent, because smoking is also allowed inside.

Wiesn: Non-smokers can celebrate in the Munich festival tents, because smoke is prohibited inside.

Language peculiarities?

Wasen: Of course, the Wasen has more Swabian German. Anyone who says chicken instead of Göckele will be looked at incorrectly.

Wiesn: The girls and boys at the Oktoberfest naturally speak Bavarian. There is “Hendl” to eat and after tapping the keg the Lord Mayor traditionally calls out: “O’zapft is”.

What is the landmark?

Wasen: The 26-meter-high fruit column, a colorful wooden column whose top is adorned with an oversized fruit basket, is the symbol of the Cannstatter Volksfest.

Wiesn: The 28-meter-high bronze statue of Bavaria with a stone base watches over the Theresienwiese and is the symbol of the annual spectacle there.

How many showmen, innkeepers and salespeople are there?

Wasen: Visitors to the Wasen can expect more than 1000 businesses.

Wiesn: More than 1000 restaurants and retail outlets as well as showmen attended the last Wiesn

How much does the Maß beer cost?

Wasen : Beer is still cheaper on Wasen than at the Munich Volksfest. The price at the last Wasen was between 10.60 and 10.90 euros. However, the hosts at Klauss & Klauss have not yet revealed the price. The prior year you paid 10.60 to 10.80 euros for the measure.

Wiesn: A liter of beer at the last Oktoberfest costed 10.80 to 11.80 euros. A year prior you could get the Oktoberfest beer for 10.70 to 11.50 euros.


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