German Chess Association wants women to have larger breasts!


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Ironically, an implant manufacturer should help make women’s chess great!

As has now become known, the world chess federation Fide has landed the thickest sponsorship contract that has ever been negotiated specifically for the women’s sector. Nevertheless, the criticism is great. Because: The company Motiva advertises breast enlargements!

larger breasts

Chess Association touts Breast Implants Manufacturers

Motiva managing director Juan Jose Chacón: “Our sponsorship of women’s chess underlines our central commitment to respect and the promotion of self-confident and independent women.”

Background: The world association has declared 2022 the year of women. The well-intentioned sign is not only met with enthusiasm:

n addition to a lot of headwind on social media, some players in particular are really angry.

“Shouldn’t the game of chess – a game where the mind and not the breasts matter – distance itself from this kind of reductive and misogynist way of thinking?” Asked a player on the online chess website Lichess.

Another told the Guardian: “I find it demeaning and humiliating that an activity like chess, which is so cognitive, is sponsored by a company that primarily benefits from the insecurity of women. I very much doubt that Fide would sponsor a penis enlargement company to sponsor the Men’s World Cup. “

And another reported, “I’ve seen comments online from people saying they hope the prizes for women’s competitions now include breast augmentation. I’ve seen jokes mentioning the names of certain top female players whose looks could be improved this way. The game of chess has struggled with sexism in the past. But that did nothing to prevent it now. “

No player wanted to go public with their criticism by name. The ladies are too dependent on the Fide for invitations to the important tournaments, it said on the Lichess page.

But there are also dissenting voices. The international champion Sheila Barth Stanford, for example, welcomed the new agreement: “We urgently need a sponsor”, the Norwegian and currently 12,083th in the world rankings told the Guardian. “We play for less money than the men, which makes it harder to bet fully on chess. I hope that this will make it easier for women to play professionally ”.

Background: Women are still only a small minority in the men’s domain of chess. Out of a total of 1,3000 grandmasters, only 39 are women. Nevertheless, the popularity of the board game is increasing, not least due to the successful Netflix series “The Queen’s Gambit”. Even with women. And with the new sponsorship contract, this tailwind should now be used to make the sport even better known.

larger breasts

And what does Fide itself say about the spicy deal?

Dana Reizniece-Ozola, Managing Director of the World Federation Fide: “For me as a woman it was very important that I only felt respect for women and chess in every communication with Motiva or from Motiva. As a world association, we particularly support your research activities for the health and well-being of women. “

She also says: “And I’m also happy that our marketing colleagues have succeeded in gaining a sponsor who will enable us to increase the prices at women’s events and to promote women’s chess in general.”


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