Important change when reporting sick with a yellow AU certificate


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In the event of illness, employees with statutory health insurance no longer have to send an AU certificate to the health insurance company. The doctor’s practice will take over from October 2021. However, the “yellow note” is not yet completely obsolete.

In the future, the sick leave for those with statutory health insurance will be digitally transmitted directly to the health insurance company by the doctor. However, employees still have to hand over the certificate of incapacity for work (AU certificate) or “yellow certificate” to the employer. Only from July 1, 2022 can they call up the electronic certificate of incapacity for work (eAU) directly from the relevant health insurance company for their employees. What are the advantages of the current change to the sick note with the yellow AU certificate?

Changes when reporting sickness with an AU certificate simplifies the procedure

Employees with statutory health insurance are obliged to notify both the health insurance company and the employer if they are unable to work due to illness. To do this, you previously had to send the certificate of incapacity for work yourself. If the deadline is not met, the entitlement to sickness benefit threatens to lapse.

The new regulation, which came into force on October 1, 2021, reduces the risk of loss of sickness benefits. Because now the treating doctor’s practice and the responsible health insurance company communicate directly with each other. The transmission path is called “Telematics Infrastructure” (TI). However, one should not completely rely on it yet. If in doubt, ask the attending physician whether the technical requirements are already in place.


Continue to inform employers independently

The so-called obligation to submit a certificate of incapacity for work will probably remain in place for an employee to their employer for another year. Means: If you are unable to work for more than three days, you have to hand in the “Yellow Note” in printed form as usual.

By the way: the employer can also request a medical certificate earlier. This can be problematic for the sick and bedridden. That should change now. From July 2022, employers will also be technically integrated into the “eAu system”. A sick note can then be sent electronically to them.

Why is the procedure being changed?

In the event of illness, four yellow slips have been issued so far, namely for the health insurance company, the employer, the doctor and for the insured himself. As part of the change of the sick report with AU certificate or its digitization, the bureaucratic effort and the associated costs are increasing path. Last but not least, sick leave can now be completely documented. The new regulation also saves a lot of time for doctors’ practices, health insurance companies and employers. And every walk that you can avoid as a sick employee helps with recovery.

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