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NOW a yellow vaccination certificate is NO longer sufficient in this German federal state

yellow vaccination certificate

When it comes to proof of a corona vaccination, the yellow paper vaccination certificate has had its day in Baden-Württemberg. In the future, a QR code will be required to check the 2G or 3G rules. But there is still a transition period.

Yellow vaccination certificate: is this the end? What this requirement does it put a strain on the older generation to get comfortable using smartphones and apps. While smartphones are prevalent today, most older Germans still carry around their yellow vaccination certificates.

Digital proof NOT the yellow vaccination certificate

If you do not yet have digital proof of your Corona vaccination, you have to hurry in Baden-Württemberg: According to the new Corona regulation, the yellow vaccination pass is no longer sufficient for access to so-called 2G or 2G-plus events, announced the Ministry of Social Affairs yesterday Thursday with. 

▶ Evidence of vaccination must be available in digitally readable form. This should bring “up to a certain degree more security against falsified vaccination records,” explained a spokesman.

QR codes and the challenges it presents

According to the spokesman, citizens have until December 1st to have a QR code issued. The QR code – a square made of black and white dots – is on the vaccination certificate, which you either get when you are vaccinated or you can pick it up at the pharmacy on presentation of the yellow vaccination pass. 

▶ The code can be read in with the Corona warning app or the CovPass app. “For people who do not have a smartphone, the QR code can simply be printed out and carried with them.”

Hundreds of fake vaccination passports in Munich

In Munich, the police officers arrested a gang of fraudsters who are said to have produced hundreds of fake QR codes for the digital Corona vaccination card and sold them on the Internet. So is the push to slowly eliminate the use of the yellow vaccination certificate justified?

Soon to be a German trend?

▶ Baden-Württemberg is not the first federal state to have such a regulation. Only digitally readable vaccination certificates with QR codes have long been permitted for 2G events to which only vaccinated and recovered people have access. 

▶ In future, Berliners will have to have proof of the 2G option with them that can be digitally checked. “You don’t have to have a smartphone, but at least have a certificate with a QR code printed out with you,” said Christian Gaebler (SPD), head of the Senate Chancellery, on Tuesday after the Senate meeting. The yellow vaccination book, with which it was previously possible to prove the corona vaccination, is no longer sufficient. Proof with a QR code is required. If you don’t have a mobile phone, you can get a printout of the QR code from the pharmacy. The regulation should apply from Sunday. On the other hand, the MP and top candidate of the Free Voters, Marcel Luthe, wants to sue if necessary.  

▶ Brandenburg has also just included the regulation in its new ordinance on protection against the corona virus.



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